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France holds a pivotal position as one of Georgia's strategic partners among Western countries, standing as the second-largest European market. In the global logistics arena, France boasts a notable 6th position. Active land shipments contribute significantly to the logistical landscape in France. As an international logistics powerhouse, Translive specializes in seamless cargo transportation worldwide, including a robust network servicing France. Our primary mode of shipment is land-based, leveraging the optimal road route, which surpasses alternative methods in efficiency. At Translive, our paramount objective is to achieve maximum effectiveness while minimizing costs for both cargo owners and carriers. To accomplish this, we meticulously plan and process each order individually, ensuring a tailored and cost-effective approach to meet the unique requirements of our clients.


How is Cargo Transportation Conducted in France?

Translive, an international digital logistics company, specializes in the transportation of goods to and from France for both export and import purposes. Our primary mode of shipment is through land transport, particularly utilizing trucks and trailers. We employ both tent and refrigerated (ref) vehicles to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of goods. For tent vehicles, we offer various transport options, including standard (with a volume capacity of up to 95m3), Mega (ranging from 96m3 to 105m3), and trailer/truck options (with capacities of 110m3 and 120m3). This diversified approach allows us to cater to the specific needs and requirements of our clients, ensuring flexibility and reliability in the transportation of cargo to and from France."


Advantages of Translive



Easily initiate cargo orders and swiftly locate the required transportation for shipments in the shortest possible time.


Competitive Pricing

Benefit from the ability to select favorable conditions and corresponding prices from a vast network of carriers registered on our platform.



Upon agreement on terms, our system instantly generates and facilitates the signing of documentation with a single click, expediting the commencement of the shipping process.



Rest assured, all our cargo, without exception, is fully insured by Aldag, ensuring comprehensive protection for each shipment.

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Shipping Time to France: Factors to Consider


"How long does it take to ship cargo to France? In the standard scenario, assuming no unforeseen circumstances beyond our control and an uninterrupted journey, the maximum transportation time to France by land route is one week. Several factors directly influence shipping times when transporting goods to France:

  • Location: The transit time is significantly influenced by distance and geographical features, introducing various obstacles for vehicles along the route.
  • Type of Cargo: Each type of cargo necessitates the selection of an appropriate means of transport, specific procedures, and compliance with international standard criteria. This often impacts the execution and preparation of documents, as well as the cargo inspection process.
  • Type of Vehicle: The choice of vehicle significantly affects the shipping period. Air, land, sea, and rail vehicles have different transit periods.
  • Border Queues: Finally, queues at borders are a variable beyond the carrier's control, making it challenging to precisely determine shipping times in advance. While we generally have information on the stage and size of queues at borders, these conditions are subject to constant change. We strive to inform our users in advance, acknowledging the dynamic nature of border queues.
In navigating these considerations, we aim to provide our clients with a transparent understanding of the shipping process, keeping them informed and prepared for a smooth transportation experience."

Types of cargo shipped to france


"What types of cargo can be shipped to France? In international shipping, various cargo categories are identified:

  • Standard Cargoes: These are items that do not require special transportation conditions and do not fall into the categories of dangerous or oversized cargoes.
  • Temperature-Sensitive Cargoes: This category includes goods such as food products, medicines, and seedlings, which require temperature control during transportation. Temperature monitoring is achieved through specialized equipment installed in the vehicle trailer. Some tools allow real-time temperature tracking, while others generate reports upon request. Cargo-owning companies typically request these reports upon cargo receipt for verification purposes.
  • Non-Dimensional Loads: These are characterized by non-standard dimensions and necessitate appropriate trailers. Transporting oversized cargo often involves planning special routes and adhering to pre-written protocols. Due to security reasons, such cargo may require advance coordination.
  • ADR (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route): This category includes dangerous goods classified into nine subgroups. Transportation of ADR cargoes requires compliance with safety norms and the necessary documentation for each subgroup.

Calculation of Shipping Cost to France:


How is the shipping cost calculated to France? To determine the freight rate, we require the following information:

  • Exact Addresses: Loading and unloading locations.
  • Type of Transportation: Specify the mode of transportation.
  • Cargo Characteristics: Include size, weight, and specific needs (e.g., temperature protection, loading type: side, top, or rear door).
  • Date of Loading: Specify the intended loading date.
  • Additional Requirements: Any specific requests or additional requirements from the customer.


მარტივი და კომფორტული სერვისი საქართველოდან საფრანგეთის მიმართულებით და პირიქით.

Based on this information, we can provide pricing details and offer a competitive tariff to cargo owners. Our simple and convenient service connects Georgia to France and vice versa. Translive, a modern logistics platform, brings together carriers with years of cooperation experience, enabling us to efficiently plan and implement logistics services for cargo of any complexity or specificity in this direction. Digital logistics, as implemented by Translive, prioritizes running logistics processes in the shortest time and under the most effective conditions for both cargo owners and carriers.



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