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Land transportation of cargo in China

For efficient international shipping, it is crucial to meticulously plan logistics routes and select the optimal shipping method. Our team boasts extensive experience and abundant resources for transporting cargo to China.

China stands as one of the world's pivotal industrial hubs, continually growing and progressively becoming more attractive for business engagements. As China and Georgia's close trade ties enter a fresh phase, there is a significant demand for cargo transportation in this direction.


Cargo Shipping Methods from China

The Translive team is poised to offer comprehensive logistics services, encompassing expert recommendations, customized conditions tailored to your needs, competitive rates, and full cargo value insurance coverage. During cargo shipping from or to China, an agreement is often established between Translive and the cargo owner, specifying the shipment terms. For instance, this could involve Incoterms such as EXW (Ex Works) or FOB (Free on Board) terms. If the cargo owner opts for EXW terms, Translive assumes responsibility for managing the entire shipping process from the factory in China to the final recipient's location. This includes activities such as transportation from the factory to the port within China, shipping from the Chinese port to the Georgian port via vessel, and onward delivery from the Georgian port to the recipient's doorstep. This comprehensive service includes all supplementary transportation charges, including terminal service fees. Conversely, if the cargo owner selects FOB terms, Translive is accountable for transporting the cargo from the Chinese port to the Georgian port by sea, followed by inland transportation to Georgia for door-to-door delivery.

Translive manages both exports and imports using diverse transportation modes. As you are aware, for imports, sea transportation is the most optimal method, enabling the shipment of maximum quantities at lower costs. However, time is a crucial factor here, as this mode entails extended transit times. Standard shipping from China typically takes between 40 and 60 days.

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Advantages of Translive on the China Route

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Seamlessly place cargo orders and swiftly locate suitable transport options within minimal timeframes.


Competitive Pricing

Access a range of conditions and corresponding prices from numerous carriers listed on our platform.



Upon term agreement, generate instant documents, finalize with a single click, and initiate the shipping process.



Every shipment is fully insured (100%) through Aldag, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Duration to China


Transporting cargo from China is a nuanced process, and the shipping duration can range from around 40 to 60 days as a standard timeframe (potentially longer). This variability hinges on several factors, including shipping lines, routes, weather conditions, transit aspects, etc.

Types of Shippable Cargo from China


Translive enables the shipping of various cargo types from China, encompassing:

  • 1. Standard Cargo: This category includes regular cargo that doesn't require special resources, oversized accommodation, temperature control, or specific transport environments. The shipping process employs standard transportation methods.

  • 2. Liquid/Bulk Cargo: These unpackaged, uniform loads facilitate simpler transportation. Whether dry goods needing dry storage or even potentially dangerous goods, careful transport selection is essential to avoid damage.

  • 3. Oversized Loads: This category pertains to non-standard loads, requiring specialized handling due to their large size and weight. This includes livestock that necessitate appropriate conditions during transportation. Regardless of the cargo type, meticulous planning and transport means are imperative.

  • 4. Dangerous Goods (ADR): This covers nine types of dangerous goods, including flammable, toxic, chemical, and radioactive substances. Modern technologies and proper packaging facilitate secure international transport. Precise documentation and advance communication with the transport company are crucial here.

Shipping Costs from China


Import or export costs with China are highly individualized, contingent on crucial factors like cargo type, transportation mode, volume, weight, and loading duration. Generally, sea transportation holds strategic significance, considering the universal applicability of containers for China-bound cargo. Sea shipping offers a more cost-effective solution compared to air or land transportation.


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