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Transit Shipments in the Territory of Georgia

The strategic significance of Georgia in global economic and cultural processes is widely acknowledged, given its unique position at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Serving as a crucial link between these continents, Georgia plays a pivotal role in international trade and cultural exchange. The country's importance as an optimal transit destination has further heightened in the current geopolitical landscape, making it indispensable for international transcontinental shipping.
Efficient infrastructure and robust communication networks are integral to successful international trade. Georgia, with its strategic location, offers a prime environment for transit shipments, encompassing sea, air, rail, and land transport.
The Translive platform facilitates the seamless and optimized transportation of both in-transit and non-in-transit cargo, providing a comprehensive solution for international shippers. The platform's unique features cater to various shipping methods, ensuring flexibility, competitive pricing, speed, security, and meticulous tracking throughout the shipping process.
Advantages of Land Transport:

  1. Speed and Efficiency: Land transport offers a swift and efficient means of delivering cargo to its destination, providing flexibility in terms of time.
  2. Availability and Control: A single vehicle is fully engaged in ground shipping, enhancing the ability to find suitable transport and manage shipments effectively.
  3. Optimal and Acceptable Rates: While land shipping may be comparatively more expensive, its speed and convenience make the cost worthwhile.
  4. Safety and Insurance: Translive ensures that every ground shipment is 100% insured by Aldag, guaranteeing the protection of cargo throughout the shipping process.
The Translive team is dedicated to providing the best conditions for land, sea, air, or rail transit shipments, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for cargo owners.


How to Initiate an International Transit Shipment:

To utilize the Translive digital platform for shipping transit cargo to Georgia, cargo owners must undergo a one-time registration process. Upon completion, a personal cabinet is automatically created, allowing users to input essential data for their desired shipment, such as cargo details, loading addresses, value, and loading date. Once an order is placed on Translive, it becomes accessible to all registered carriers on the platform. Carriers can then provide competitive live offers under the supervision of professional logisticians. The cargo owner can swiftly confirm the tariff offered by Translive, leading to the automatic generation of necessary documents. The carrier picks up the cargo on the agreed date, and the cargo owner receives real-time updates on the shipment's status.

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Advantages of Translive:



Easy placement of cargo and quick identification of suitable transport options.


Competitive Prices

Rapid communication with carriers ensures competitive and optimal shipment conditions.



Instant documentation generation upon agreement, expediting the shipping process.



Every shipment on Translive is 100% insured by Aldag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Duration of International Transit


The duration of international transit varies based on factors such as distance, transit countries, legal procedures, customs, and unforeseen events. As each case is unique, the time frame for transit shipments should be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Types of Cargo for Transit


Nearly all types of cargo can be transported in Georgia during international transit. Categories include standard, temperature-controlled, non-dimensional, ADR (dangerous), and consolidated cargoes.

Simple and Convenient International Cargo Transit Service:


Cargo owners should provide specific details to Translive for optimal conditions:

  1. Exact loading and unloading addresses.
  2. Cargo details: dimensions, weight, need for temperature control, and additional documents.
  3. Choice of transport type.
  4. Loading date.
  5. Location of export and import document preparation.
Translive's professional team offers guidance on international shipments, ensuring a personalized and efficient service.

Simple and Convenient International Cargo Transit Service

Logistics, as a complex field, presents numerous challenges in international shipments. Translive addresses these challenges through its modern logistics platform, designed for cargo owners and carriers. The platform streamlines logistics processes, utilizing straightforward methods and transit routes to meet diverse conditions. Translive connects hundreds of international carriers in a digital space, leveraging years of cooperative experience. Operating on a circular loading principle, the platform ensures a smooth cycle of systematic shipments, managing the entire logistics chain from pickup to unloading. The process is meticulous and simplified for partners, offering a comprehensive solution for international cargo transit.


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